May 2014 - November 2015
June 2014 - Present
personal assistant on the go
Personal/production assistant/ travel concierge
  • I supervise and work as a production assistant on reality shows, and television 
  • Personal Assistant for all things legal in the Bay and South Florida areas, either in person or virtual. 
Black Girls code
Event Coordinator/ office assistant
  • I am in charge of office events, staying within budget and organization of office and storage space.  
  • I also chaperone and help manage hackathons and workshops at various venues

Problem Solving

I love puzzles and found that they pay a very important roles when figuring out where all the pieces go when organizing.

We all have issues and problems, but sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to help you solve them. I even ask others for help, when I think I cant see something clearly in my life. 


Professional Skills

About Me

Quick Facts

Author, Philanthropist ​​and  freelancer of what ever you need in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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palm beach Pa training
exquisite care
Organizing, learning mortgages, trust agreements, correct way to plan a party and implementing a safe environment for celebrity clients. Also, staffing and money management for homes and businesses. 
Master trainer
I am trained in sales and construction, where I serve as a substitute teacher when I am not keeping the student records and contacting vendors for placement. 


Professional Experience


I love the out of the norm events, like transforming a pizza parlor into a Hawaiian Oasis or doing a kids party in a submarine. 

I have always believed that what ever I think I can do, I know I could do it. I believe in the power and the word of GOD. I've seen it transform not only my life first hand, but others.

When I was 10 years old, I liked organization and helping others but I thought I would grow up and be a medical examiner like the TV show Quincy. I found out the life sometimes that we plan is not the path that GOD has planned and after a lay off and a celebrity friend telling me I should be a PA, I knew I had found my passion. When I was 24 I decided to write a book called "Preachers Family",  but instead my 1st book is "30 Things that SCARE women about themselves!"

I tell people often to do what you love and the money will come. I love being an Author & a PA of any kind and although I mostly now cater to businesses, I still love the occasional personal PA job like a home organization or a hoarder home makeover, these are still my favorite.

30 Things that scare women about themselves!
  • Interviewing over 70+ women  
  • Researching womens' topics and how to put a book together
  • marketing to tv shows, media, and publishing houses
  • ​Creative detail on the entire book

Author of "30 things that SCARE women about themselves! But God still made me fabulous!" and

"The Battle Book"

Ms. Joe Bacon

Hi! My name is
February 2016 - Present
Age: Young
PROFESSION: Personal Assistant/ Production Assistant
HOBBY: Karaoke, Making money and Musical Theatre